Nature’s Way Cafe | Franchising

This page is designed to assist you in your decision to own your own Nature’s Way Café or develop your own territory. Click here to go directly to the franchisee questionnaire. Just fill out this simple form and we’ll contact you personally.

Nature’s Way Café was founded in 1978 by the Spina family here in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is a healthy family and they were years ahead of their time. Eventually Kevin, the oldest, took over the café. Kevin was a fireman for the town of Palm Beach, a fitness buff and a tri-athlete. On his days off he would work in the café.

One day, years and years ago, Lili Batista asked Kevin if she could open a Nature’s Way Café franchise. It seemed like a good idea to Kevin and a few months later the first Nature’s Way Café franchise was up and running in Juno Beach. It’s been there since 1988 and is a local hang-out for the young, old and fabulous.

Years went by and other customers (we call them fanatics) opened their own franchises. They love the food, they love the customers, and they love the lifestyle (imagine being in the restaurant business and having nights, weekends and holidays off). Now there are several café’s in Florida and most of them have been around quite awhile. On January 2nd, 2004 Lili and her husband Gary bought the franchise from the Spinas.

Since then several more Café’s have opened in South Florida. We’d like to spread the love even further so if you think you’d enjoy owning your very own Café we’d love to talk with you.

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