Our Story

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Eat Well, Be Well!

Locally established in 1978, Nature's Way Cafe answered the call of many locals of South Florida desiring healthier food choices, over the vastly populated fast food chains. Since then, the Nature’s Way Café brand has become synonymous with fresh food and great value, and has become a sought-out lunch spot by not only locals, but to snowbirds and international visitors alike, many arriving by plane or by boat from all over the world to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer along the magnificent shores of the region.

Nature’s Way Café is a franchise, and each Nature's Way Café location is independently owned and operated. While expansion activity has been dormant over the past decade, The Nature’s Way Café brand has stood the test of time, and is ambitious about revitalization and growth as it approaches its 50-year anniversary. To join the franchise in its quest for growth is to join a strong foundation based on solid core values, and to reap the benefits of small business ownership. If you are interested in owning your own Cafe, use the tab below to email us, and one of our representatives will contact you.